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DTH Services

Rvedi charged Money only for new connection services of DTH on our website. After receiving the customer's money, we do work order from our back office for installation service.The work order would have a subscriber account number of the customer along with name and address. According to the pincode, there is a product delivery and installation service center of different DTH providers. When we enter customer name, mobile number, address, area pincode in work order. After that this work order goes unscheduled to the service center of the pincode of that area. After that the customer gets a call after fixing the appointment, the customer is given a time that our team will come to you at this time for product delivery and installation. Installation takes place within 24 hours after the work order is scheduled. Sales and service work in two such types in DTH. And the order is taken from the customer from our signal point that is only for sales. And our job is only for sales. When the work order is created from our end, then the customer will get a call from the service office of DTH for installation. After the on-call appointment is fixed, the technician goes for the installation. Here the role of pay product delivery service is not that of the seller. If due to some reason the line of site is not cleared for installation, then the installation is canceled. For this, we process for refund by deducting 3% on the purchase amount of the customer and refund the customer payment within 3 to 4 working days or as per your bank policy.

Home Appliances Services

Rvedi will provide you all home appliance services. The services are available for personal and non-commercial use. To realize that, Rvedi gives you a license, non-exclusive, non-licensable, and non-transferable to access its services on your personal device for your use only.

Terms Of Return And Refund

In case of installation, before the installation if customer wants to cancel order then he will get refund of paid amount after deducting 3% from it.
After installation if any defect or problems occurs then Rvedi will not be responsible for that in that case customer need to connect with that product or service providing company.
All the products & services buy on rvedi website,customer aware that Rvedi will be responsible for refund only before the installation if product is not delivered, after installation all responsibility will be the providing company or vendor.